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    Hello everyone!

    This is our all-new forum made specifically and exclusively for the “Want to Buy” segment of The Doll Bazaar :)
    We wanted to give our users the ability to easily create and manage group orders hassle-free, and our choice of a forum is just that. To host a new group order, simply create a new topic, providing as much detail as possible. Authors (Hosts) of a group order can always go back and edit/delete their posts or write an update for their participants.
    You can use the guide at the end of this thread to help you get started, although it is optional.
    As a tip, always make sure the host is reliable and experienced, with either feedback here or on other websites before participating!

    From now on, feedback Threads will only be located on the main selling site, and likewise, group orders will only be accessible on the “WTB” site. We hope this does not cause any frustration or confusion.

    As always, your feedback is very crucial in our process to become the best doll marketplace, so don’t hesitate to share your input.

    Thank you for being a part of The Doll Bazaar!

    —–//////// Copy/Paste me into a new topic to host a Group Order! (Optional)/////////—–

    This is a group order for:
    Amount until free shipping:
    Payment method:
    This order is.. [International/US-based etc.]
    Contact Info:
    Feedback Thread:

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